Are personality development courses really helpful?

Are personality development courses really helpful
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Your Personality tells a lot of things about you to other people.

The human mind is programmed in such a way that whenever we meet with someone, unknowingly our brain starts to judge that person based on his personality. Based on your personality, people unknowingly like or dislike you.

That’s why it is important to develop your personality and grab some important skills that will help you to impress the people and to get success in life. That’s why many people join personality development courses.

But, are personality development courses really helpful? And if personality development classes are helpful, where would we get a good course? I am writing this article to answer this question and I hope this article will answer all of your questions.

Are personality development courses really helpful?

Best personality development courses
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Yes, from my personal experience, personality development courses are really helpful and can completely change your life only if you choose the right personal development course from the right instructor.

I learned a lot of things from these courses and I also applied these learnings successfully in my personal life. So, what do you learn in personality development classes?

Personality development courses teach you how to develop a positive mindset, how to induce self-confidence in yourself, how to communicate with people and convince them, the secrets of the human psychology, how to influence the people in your workplace. The personality development course syllabus should be practical and helpful.

These courses really help you to impress other people and make them to like you.

Psychology is a very important part of these courses and they teach you how to take benefit from human psychology.

For example, everyone knows that a positive mindset is important for success but in reality, in order to get a positive mindset you need a perfect guide who can help you to get a positive mindset.

Also, personality development courses focus a lot on psychology. They teach you how people think and how human psychology works.

For example, let me share one such technique that works for me every time if you listen to people carefully by looking into their eyes, and then if you appreciate their thoughts with some humor then people like you quickly.

Now, let’s discuss how should you choose a good personality course and where to get it?

How should you choose a good personality development course?

How should you choose a good personality development course
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Before joining any personality development course, you must research the instructor of that course, and also you should check what is the rating of that course or what are the reviews of that course.

But, the most important part is the instructor. The instructor should have long experience and deep knowledge about personality development.

In this case, I want to share my experience. I bought some personality development courses from youtube and I found them very basic.

But, then, I came to know about Coursera and I bought some courses from Coursera. I found those courses very helpful and practical.

I learned a lot of things from those courses that are still working for me and are helping me in my life.

Coursera is really a very professional and trustworthy platform. You will easily get desired and best personal development courses on Coursera.

Why Coursera provides the best courses?

Coursera allows only top universities to put courses on its platform.

So, the courses in the Coursera are made by professors of the top universities. This is the reason why Coursera is so trustworthy.

That’s why whenever you buy any course from Coursera you get detailed and deep knowledge about the topic you want to learn.

Another reason is that Coursera gives the certificate after the completion of the course and, unlike the other platforms, the certificates provided by Coursera have more value as they are given by top universities in the world.

Best personality development courses on Coursera

Now, let’s discuss some of the best courses on Coursera that will help you for personality development.

1) Course Name: Improving Communication Skills

Improving Communication Skills
Image Credit- Coursera

This course is for improving your communication skill. You will learn different communication strategies in this course.


This course has already been registered by 72000 people and this course has received 4.7 ratings out of 5.


Maurice Schweitzer is an instructor of this course. He is the professor of operations, Information, and Decisions. This course is offered by the University of Pennsylvania.

What you will learn in this course

1) When to cooperate and what are the best ways for successful cooperation.
2) How to build trust for successful cooperation and what are the ways to build trust
3) Effective communication to boost your performance
4) How to discover and react if someone is lying
5) How to ask thoughtful questions
6) How to know what people want from you
7) How to communicate on phone calls, emails, face to face conversations, and video conferences

2) Course Name: Success

Image Credit- Coursera

Everyone has a different definition of happiness and success.

Many people are successful but they are not happy. It is because they don’t know about themselves or they don’t know what they want from life.

That’s why this course is designed to help you to connect your success to your happiness. This course will help you to understand what is the meaning of happiness and success for you and on that basis how to achieve both happiness and success in your life.


41000 people have already registered for this course with an average rating of 4.96 out of 5.


Richard Shell is the instructor of this course. He is a professor of Legal studies and Business ethics and Management. This course is offered by the University of Pennsylvania.

What you will learn in this course

1) Understand the definition of happiness and success for yourself
2) How to find your strengths and weakness, and use them to achieve your desired happiness and success
3) You will learn the science of success and you will learn how to connect your success with your happiness
4) You will learn how to look inside you and into your past to find your capabilities and strengths
5) How to find which work is meaningful for you

3) Course Name: Influencing People

Image Credit- Coursera

This course is about how to influence other people and to build good quality relationships. In this course, you will learn different strategies to influence other people.


146000 people have already enrolled for this course and it has got an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.


Scott Derue and Maxim Sytch are the instructors for this course. Both are experts in Management and Organizations. This course is offered by the University of Michigan.

What you will learn in this course

1) Different strategies to influence people
2) Finding your strengths that will help to influence people
3) Influence tactics for your workplace
4) Building and maintaining relationships
5) How to protect yourself from the unwanted influence

4) Course Name: Organization Behavior: How to manage people

Organization Behavior How to manage people
Image Credit- Coursera

This course teaches us about managing people. People behave differently in an organization or workplace.

This course helps us to bring positive change by understanding the behavior of our colleagues, teams, and leaders.

You will learn about motivation and how to motivate others. Also, you will learn about increasing the productivity of the team and the concept of leadership.


22000 have enrolled this course and this course has got 4.7 ratings out of 5.


Anneloes Raes is the instructor of this course. This course is offered by IESW business school.

What you will learn in this course

1) Understanding the motivation and how you can bring it in your organization
2) How to develop leadership skills
3) Teamwork

5) Course Name: Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Psychology
Image Credit- Coursera

The most important part of personality development is to understand yourself and your colleagues or friends.

By understanding psychology, you can understand how people behave, how they react, what they want, and what they like, and how to use these psychological habits for your benefit.

You will learn how you can influence other people by understanding their psychology.


This course has already been enrolled by 4 lakh people and it has got 4.8 ratings out of 5.


Professor Paul Bloom is the instructor of this course. This course is offered by Yale University.

What you will learn in this course

1) Basics of psychology
2) different theories in psychology that affects our behavior
3)Development and language
4) How we perceive our surrounding
5) How we deal with others


Personality Development courses are really helpful and they can change your life. The only thing you need to do is to find the right course with the right instructor and you can easily find such courses from the trustable platforms like Coursera.

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