Mind-blowing Facts about Chile

In this article, I have put forth some of the mind-blowing facts about Chile. I decided to write about this country because this small country is home to many amazing and beautiful things, but still very few people know about it.

I first heard about this country when I read about the large optical telescopes in the Atacama Desert of Chile. Since then it is my dream to spend at least one night in the Atacama desert of Chile to watch dazzling stars.

Mind-blowing Facts about Chile

 Mind blowing Facts about Chile
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Chile is a small country in South America. It may be a small country but it contains many interesting places from the Atacama desert to the mysterious Easter Island. So, let’s understand what is chile famous for and some fun facts about chile.

Wonderful Lagoons of Baltinache, Chile

Lagoons of chile
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Undoubtedly, the lagoons of Baltinache are one of the most beautiful things in Chile. These beautiful lagoons are located in the Atacama desert, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The beautiful blue and green color water of these lakes in the vast desert instantly captures the eyes. You can swim and take bath in these lakes.

Lagoons of Baltinache
Image Source – Google | Image By – turistour.cl

They were formed millions of years ago when the ancient ocean dried and some of its water got trapped in the mountains of the Atacama desert. Over the millions of years, most of the water inside these lakes have evaporated which has made these lakes extremely salty.

Natural Marble caves of Patagonia

Marble caves chile Patagonia
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Marble caves are one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Chile. These Marble caves remind us of the beauty of the creation of Mother nature.

When we enter these caves, we see the beautiful reflection of blue water on the walls of these caves. These caves were formed due to constant tussle between waves and Calcium Carbonate and it took 6000 years for mother nature to create this amazing natural wonder. These marble caves are located on the Lake General Carrera.

Amazing and mysterious Atacama Giant

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Atacama Giant is the largest geoglyph in the world ever discovered. Atacama Giant geoglyph is located in the Atacama desert of Chile.

This geoglyph is of a deity and it is 119 m in length. It was created between 1000 to 1400 AD by native people to predict the rainy season which is very important in a dry place like the Atacama desert.

This gigantic geoglyph was created by removing the soil and rearranging the stones. Even though this giant geoglyph was created many centuries ago on the surface of the earth, it still managed to survive due to the dry atmosphere of the Atacama desert.

Mysterious Easter Islands of Chile

easter island chile
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Do you know which is the remotest and the most mysterious island in the world? The answer is the Easter Islands of Chile.

This mysterious island is the most isolated place on the planet earth. In fact, even though this island belongs to Chile, it is 3,700 km away from the coast of Chile.

So, what makes this island so Mysterious? The gigantic statues that exist on this island is a mystery to the world. These statues are known by the name Moai.

These statues are so big that they have an average height of 13 feet and an average weight of 14 tonnes. What is more surprising is that no one knows what is the purpose of these gigantic statues on such an isolated and small island?

No one knows exactly who built the statues on this island. Also, no one knows how these massive statues were transported? Really, this small island in the pacific ocean has kept many hidden secrets that are yet to be revealed to the outside world.

Best place for Stargazing

atacama desert
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Are you the person who likes to see the thousands of dazzling stars in the night? Then, you should visit the Atacama desert which is the best place in the world for stargazing.

Atacama desert is the driest place in the world that provides an ideal atmosphere for a telescope. Also, there is almost zero light pollution in this desert. That’s why the skies of the Atacama desert are clearest in the world. Clear sky and very low light pollution are the reasons why the Atacama desert is the most loved place for stargazing.

Each year many people around the world come to the Atacama desert to see the crystal clear night sky filled with thousands of stars.

Hand of the Desert

hand of the desert chile
Image Source – Google | Image By – Herbert Bieser from Pixabay

Imagine you are wandering in the Atacama desert, the driest desert on earth and there is only the vast plain of sand around you, but suddenly you see the giant human hand in the middle of the desert pointing towards the sky.

This sounds like a story of a fantasy movie, but in reality, such a giant human hand exists in the middle of the Atacama desert. The Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal was asked by the government to create artwork in the Atacama desert which can attract tourists and he built this gigantic 36 feet hand in the Atacama desert. This hand is made up of an iron frame and concrete has applied to that iron frame from outside.

El Tatio Geysers

El Tatio Geysers
Image Source – Google | Image By – cityexpress.com

El Tatio Geysers are located 4000m above sea level in northern Chile. It is the third-largest geyser field in the entire world.

In the morning when the sun starts to rise, these geysers spit hot water and smoke in the sky which in turn creates a spectacular view to watch.

That’s why many tourists come here in the morning to see the beauty of this place. Not only tourists but also scientists are also curious about this place as this place is one of the best sites to study the early life on planet earth.

Amazing Bahá’í Temple

Bahá'í Temple
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This amazing temple is located in Santiago, Chile, and opened in 2016. This temple is famous for its unique and beautiful architecture. It is made of nine monumental glass veils and looks like a flower bud.

Due to its nine glass veils, it looks like a glowing flower bud on the top of a hill in the daytime. It took 14 years to build this temple. Also, this temple belongs to the Bahá’í faith but it is open for all the religions as Bahá’í faith believes in the unity of all religions. Bahá’í faith was founded in the year 1863, in Iran, and today, it has 6 million followers around the world.

Caves of Active Villarrica Volcano

Villarrica Volcano
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Caves of Villarrica Volcano are unique in the world. It is because these are the only visitable caves in the entire world that are inside the active volcano.

These caves are formed due to the solidified lava of the Villarrica volcano. That means when we enter these caves, we see solidified lava around us which came from the core of the earth.

Villarrica is one of the most active volcanoes in South America and it is located in the Villarrica national park. This volcano last erupted in 1971. Today, the caves of Villarrica volcano are famous among tourists. Every year, many people come here to see these caves and to learn the history of this volcano.

The Largest Swimming pool in the world

Largest Swimming pool chile
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The largest swimming pool in the world is located at the San Alfonso del Mar resort of Chile. This massive swimming pool is spread over 20 acres.

It is said that it did cost nearly $2 billion to build this swimming pool and its annual maintenance budget is $2 million. But, only hotel guests are allowed to use this swimming pool.

The Very Large Telescope

The Very Large Telescope
Image Source – Google | Image By – britannica.com

The Very Large Telescope is one of the most advanced telescopes ever built by humans. This telescope is located in the Atacama desert of Chile. Crystal clear sky, minimum light pollution, and dry atmosphere is the reason why the Atacama desert is home to many big telescopes.

This telescope is responsible for many big discoveries in astronomy. Scientists study Stars and Galaxies with the help of this telescope. Fortunately, this place is open for visitors so if you are an astronomy lover, then you can visit this place every Saturday of the week.

The most powerful Earthquake was recorded in Valdivia, Chile

On 22 May 1960, the Valdivia city of Chile faced the largest earthquake ever recorded in history. This huge earthquake was registered at 9.5. It was so devastating that more than 1000 people were dead. This earthquake is also known by the name Great Chilean earthquake.

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