How to manifest anything overnight (Step-By-Step Guide)

How to manifest anything overnight
How to manifest anything overnight

How to manifest anything overnight? What is the right way to manifest? or Are you confused about how to do that? If you have any of these questions, then you have come to the right place to get an answer.

We discuss and practice manifestation and meditation today, but in reality, these techniques were invented, developed, and practiced by Sadhus (spiritual teachers) over thousand of years ago in India. They used to follow a process to do that in the right way.

Manifestation is undoubtedly the best way to connect directly to the positive energy of the universe. Manifestation is the communication between you and the Universe.

If you are not getting success in manifestation, it is because you are not doing it in the right way.

There are both positive as well as negative energies in the Universe. But, it is up to you, to which the energy you want to connect.

Before manifesting anything, there is a specific process that you need to follow. Let’s see how to manifest anything overnight.

How to manifest anything overnight

Here are the steps which you should follow for proper manifestation.The following steps will help you to achieve the state of mind needed for manifestation.

Your mind should be clear of disturbance and negativity

manifesting desires

This is one of the most important things for manifestation.

Manifestation is a process in which you send positive vibes to the universe and then the universe responds accordingly to that positive vibes.

But, to create that positive vibes, your mind should be clear of all the disturbance and negative emotions.

Greed, anger, hate, guilt, frustration, sadness, and jealousy are negative feelings. Love, kindness, happiness, and gratitude are positive feelings.

Before manifestation, you should fill your mind with positivity in place of negativity. So, How to clear your mind from negativity or disturbance?

1) Gratitude

grateful manifestation

Gratitude is the best way to clear your mind from negativity. Also, it is very important for manifesting your desires.

For a positive mindset, You should be grateful for everything related to you including your life, family, body, health, financial condition, and house.

If you learn the art of gratitude, then my friends, there will be no place for negativity in your mind.

Gratefulness helps us to replace negative feelings with positive feelings.

In other words, Gratefulness is key for a happy and peaceful life.

2) Get rid of Toxic people or negative people

The positive environment and positive thoughts are very important for a positive mindset.

If there are toxic people around you, then unknowingly you will generate negative emotions like anger, frustration, and hate within yourself.

That’s why it is important to keep away such people.

Negative people are also dangerous for your positive mindset. Negative people find negativity everywhere even in positive things

3) Start your morning with Positivity

How you start your day in the morning has a great impact on your life or behavior.

Ten minutes of meditation in the morning can change your entire life. Start your morning with positive affirmations.

Tell yourself why your life is beautiful. Also, try to have a small positive talk with loved ones in the morning. Try to spend most of your time with your loved ones.

If possible learn yoga. People who do Yoga will agree with me that yoga is the best way to release stress in your mind and body.

It is the first step to the answer to the question of how to manifest anything overnight.

You should be clear what you really want


I know you have heard this same advice many times. But, you heard this advice many times because it is the most important thing for manifestation.

As you know, a manifestation is direct communication between you and the universe. A clear and positive mind is very important for communication with the universe. If your mind is not clear about what you really want, then how will you communicate with the Universe?

Not only you should be clear of what you really want but you should have positive feelings or emotions behind that thing. Let’s understand this with one example.

Have you seen the movie named “Yes Man”?

In that movie, our hero gets advice that he should say “yes” to anything that comes in his life or see positively towards life.

So, he thinks he should say yes to everything that comes to his life even if he doesn’t like things.

Initially, it seems good to him but then this habit becomes a burden for him. Eventually, he understands that he should say yes to the things only he really likes and then he should do those things wholeheartedly.

I told you about this movie because a lot of people do this same mistake. They try to manifest the things they don’t want wholeheartedly and that’s why finally they don’t see results or they get irritated.

So, it is a must for manifestation to be clear of what you really want and why do you want it.

Also, you should have a positive feeling or positive reason behind the things you want. In other words, you should do positive manifestation, not a negative one.

For example, many people ask a question of how to manifest money.

But, If you try to manifest money with the feeling of greed, then the universe will respond to you in the same way and will make you more greedy.

It is because Greed is a negative feeling. You won’t create positive vibes with Greediness or negativity.

But, if you love traveling and try to manifest money for traveling, then the universe will surely respond in a positive way.

So, you should be clear that you have a positive feeling behind the thing that you want to manifest.

Your clarity is very important. It helps the universe to understand what you really want.


happy mind

The great scientist Einstein used to say that imagination is more important than knowledge as imagination takes you everywhere.

Imagination is the third step to the answer to the question of how to manifest anything overnight.

Your imagination has great hidden power. Once your mind is clear from negativity and you are clear about what you really want, the next step is imagination.

Try to visualize that you already got that thing you want from the Universe.

For example, if you are asking the universe for money for traveling the world, then imagine that you are traveling the world without any financial problem.

By visualizing in such a way, you tell the universe every small detail about your desire and you give clarity to the universe about what you really want.

Start taking small actions

take action

This is the last step in the process of manifestation.

When you ask the universe for something, the universe responds to you. But, Universe responds to you with the same intensity that you show to the universe.

So, take small but meaningful actions related to your desires.

For example, if you want money for traveling the world, then try to find the jobs which pay for traveling or try to find people who have the same desires or take small trips to your nearby towns.

By taking such small actions, you will speed up the process of manifestation.

These were the steps for proper manifestation. If you follow the above steps properly you will definitely achieve what you want. Once you learn the art of manifestation then you can manifest anything in the blink of an eye.

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