What are some mind blowing facts about Ireland (16 Facts with Pictures)

fun facts about ireland
Fun Facts About Ireland

Ireland is a small island country in Europe. It may be small by size but it has a large cultural influence over Europe.

This small island is a perfect place for anyone who loves beautiful weather, green landscape, old castles, and fairy tales.

So, Let’s see What are some mind blowing facts about Ireland that make this small beautiful country so unique and attractive.

What are some mind blowing facts about Ireland

Here, I have put forth some of the strange Irish facts. This small interesting fairyland is attractive as well as mysterious.

Let’s find out why this small island is so popular in the world.

1) Ireland is an Emerald isle of Europe

ireland landscape
Green Ireland Landscape

Ireland is a small country. so, what makes Ireland so unique?

Ireland is also called as emerald isle because of its beautiful green landscapes. These green landscapes are the results of the wonderful atmosphere of Ireland.

The Mexican gulf stream and heavy rainfall is a reason behind the green landscape of Ireland. There are a lot of peaceful and beautiful landscapes for doing meditation.

2) Only 2% of Irish people speak Irish outside of school

Now, let’s learn some facts about Irish people. Irish is the national language of Ireland. It is also the first official language of Ireland. But, only 2% of people speak Irish on a daily basis in Ireland.

Most spoken languages in Ireland are English and polish. English is the second official language of Ireland.

Ireland is a country where very few people can speak its primary official language. The Irish government is trying to promote the Irish language.

“20-year strategy for the Irish language 2010-2030” is the example of the Irish government’s efforts to bolster Irish language.

3) Halloween was originated in Ireland

Facts about Irish people
Facts about Irish people

This is one of the best fun facts about Ireland for kids. Today, Halloween is the second most popular festival in the USA.

But, do you know the history of Halloween? Halloween came from the Celtic harvest festival of Samhain.

When immigrants from Ireland arrived in the USA, they introduce Halloween to the Americans.

4) St.Patrick wasn’t Irish

weird facts about ireland
weird facts about Ireland

St. Patrik is the patron saint who brought Christianity to Ireland. Every year Irish people around the globe celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

But, do you know St. Patrick was not Irish. He was born somewhere in Great Britain.

At the age of 16, he was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave. He lived for 6 years as a slave in Ireland.

Then, he escaped and returned back to Britain to his family. After some years, he returned back to Ireland as a missionary.

5) Ireland is inhabited for the last 14000 years

In 1903, the bone of bear was found in one of the caves of Ireland. But, it was not examined until 2010.

After examination in 2010, the results were shocking. The clear marks of stone tools were found on that bear bones and the bone was 14000 years old.

It is clear evidence that humans used to live in Ireland in the paleolithic era.

6) Most Irish people live in foreign countries than in Ireland

The population of Ireland is 4.9 million. Interestingly, it is estimated that around 70 to 80 million Irish people live in foreign countries. So, there are more Irish people outside of Ireland than in Ireland.

Most of the Irish people are in America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The reason behind this fact is the emigration of Irish people in the 1800s due to famine and for better living.

7) Ireland is famous for its castles

ireland castle
Ireland Castle

Ireland may be a small island but Ireland has a huge cultural impact on Europe. Ireland has a history full of wars and violence.

Ireland royal families used to build a large castle to protect themselves from enemies. Today, there are more than 30,000 castles in Ireland and they give an idea about the rich culture and volatile history of Ireland.

These castles and green landscapes of Ireland are the main tourist attractions in Ireland.

8) Ireland’s national symbol is a musical instrument

irish harp
Irish Harp

The national symbol of Ireland is an Irish harp. Ireland is the only country in the world that has adopted a musical instrument as its national symbol.

9) The oldest lighthouse is in Ireland

hook lighthouse
Hook Lighthouse

Hook Lighthouse is considered the oldest lighthouse in Europe and the world. It is located at Hook’s head in county Wexford.

10) Ireland is a snake-free country

There are no snakes in Ireland. In fact, Ireland and Iceland are the only two countries in the world that are snake-free.

Not only snakes, but there are a lot of other species that don’t exist in Ireland. It is because of the isolation of Ireland from rest of the Europe.

According to legend, st. Patrick did drive snakes out of Ireland.

11) Ireland is the most successful country in the Eurovision song contest

Ireland has won the Eurovision song contest for a record seven times. It is the most successful country to win the Eurovision song contest.

12) Irish man told the world why the sky is blue

Irish scientist John Tyndall discovered the reason behind the blue color of the sky. He discovered the process of scattering of light or the Tyndall effect to explain the blue color of the sky.

13) Oldest solar observatory is in Ireland

newgrange observatory
Newgrange Observatory

Newgrange is the oldest solar observatory in the world. It was built 5000 years ago.

14) Irish people in the United States of America

There are more than 40 million people of Irish origin in the USA. They came to the united states of America as immigrants.

In 1800s lot of Irish people moved to America and other nations like the United Kingdom and Australia due to deadly famine.

15) Shamrock is a national plant of Ireland

Many people think that shamrock is a national symbol of Ireland. But, the national symbol of Ireland is an Irish harp.

Shamrock is a national plant in Ireland. For St. Patrick, the shamrock was the way to explain the Holy Trinity.

16) Great Famine or Irish potato Famine

The great famine was the worst period in the history of Ireland and it lasted from 1845 to 1849. It was a period of starvation and disease for Irish people.

A great famine is also known by the name of Irish potato Famine in the outside world. This famine is responsible for the mass immigration of Irish people to countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

This mass immigration during this period was a reason behind the 25% drop in the population of Ireland.

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