What are some mind-blowing facts about cats (With Pictures)

Today, you will find millions of cat lovers everywhere in the world and there is no doubt that Cat is the most popular pet among humans.

It is because of the delightful cuteness and habits of Cats that make them perfect pet animals for humans.

According to one study, there are 500 million domestic cats in the world. So, it is important to know more about our Feline friends and their behavior.

But, There are a lot of interesting facts about cats you don’t know yet. If you are a cat owner then there are a lot of things you need to learn about cats. So, What are some mind-blowing facts about cats?

What are some mind-blowing facts about cats

In this article, I have given some interesting facts about cats from their weird behavior to their history. This article will help you to understand more about cats and you will be able to find out what your cat likes.

Cats have developed a unique way for communication with Humans

funny cat

Scientists believe that Meow is the way cats have adopted to communicate with humans.

They know that they can’t communicate with humans the way they communicate with each other.

Whenever cats do meows at you, they want something from their owner or they want to tell something to their owner.

When your cat meows at you, she maybe wants to tell you that she is happy or stressed or maybe she wants food or maybe she wants your attention or she wants to greet you after seeing you after a while.

How many cats live in the USA?

Cat is the most loved pet in the USA.

According to one survey, there are about 95 million pet cats living in households in the USA and Americans spend about $161 per month on their pet cat.

Cats spend 70% of their time sleeping

sleeping cat

What do cats like? They like to sleep. Yes, cats spend 14 hours to 20 hours a day for sleeping.

Interestingly, you will find cats most active at night and dawn. So, what is the reason behind this unusual behavior of Cats?

This unusual behavior of modern cats has passed to them from their predator ancestors who used to live in Wild.

Predators need a lot of energy during chasing and catching their prey. They sleep 15 to 20 hours a day to save their energy and they usually go hunting at night. That’s why modern cats have such unusual behavior.

Cat can’t taste sugar

eating cats

According to the scientific experiment, it is true that your cat is only interested in meat.

Also, they don’t like sugar because they can’t taste it. The reason is the taste receptors of cats.

Taste receptors send a signal to the brain about the taste of the food. Taste receptors detect whether food is sweet or spicy.

But, taste receptors in the cat’s mouth don’t have the ability to detect sweetness. This is the reason why they don’t like sugar.

Importance of Cats in Different Civilizations

egypt cat

Interestingly, whether good or bad, but different cultures around the world have their own unique beliefs about cats.

Ancient Egyptians used to worship cats. Not only they used to worship cats, but also rules had been made for the protection of cats in ancient Egypt.

In India, if a cat crosses the path in front of you then it is regarded as inauspicious.

For Japanese people, cats are a symbol of good luck.

In medieval Europe, cats were considered as connected to the devil and witches.

Whatever it is, but it is true that cats have maintained their importance from the ancient world to the modern world.

First Cat in a space

astronaut cat

Everyone knows who is the first man to travel the space, but, do you know who is the first cat to travel the space?

In 1963, a cat named Filicette went to space and return safely.

She went to space in the rocket named Veronique AG1 and remain in space for nearly fifteen minutes. She is the first and only cat who has ever travel the space.

Male cats are Left pawed

This surprising and weird fact is a result of a small study done by researchers at Queen’s University.

This study was done on 24 male and 20 female cats and according to that study, male cats prefer their left paw and female cats prefer their right paw for doing their daily activities.

Owning a cat lowers the risk of heart attack by 30%

Heart attack

This is one of the interesting cat facts you won’t believe but, it is true. Researchers believe that owning a cat lowers the risk of heart attack by 30%.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute at Minneapolis studied 4000 Americans. Then, they put forth this amazing result of their study.

This study revealed that owning a cat helps in the process of stress relief which eventually results in protection from heart-related diseases.

This study was done only on cat owners but researchers believe the same result might be possible for other pet owners, too.

Why Cats don’t like water

There are a lot of reasons behind this behavior of Cats.

The first reason is their habit. The North African wildcat named Felis silvestris lybica is the ancestor of the modern Cats.

The ancestors of modern cats lived in the region where they had very little contact with large water sources.

So, their ancestors developed a habit to live with little water contact. This habit has passed from ancestors to modern cats.

The second reason is that cats are not comfortable with their wet fur. Their fur is not water-resistant. Wet fur takes a long time to dry up and it makes them uncomfortable.

A most popular breed of Cats

Exotic Shorthair Cat
Exotic Shorthair Cat

There are 44 known breeds of Cats in the world.

Out of these 44 breeds, the “Exotic cat” is the most popular breed. According to one survey, most people like Exotic Cats as pets.

Exotic Cats possess dense coats with short hairs and they are more loyal to their owners than other breeds of Cats, too.

Cats have a good vision even in less brightness

Humans often forget that cats are natural predators.

Sharp eyes are very important for wild predators during catching their prey. Wild predators usually go hunting at night.

So, it is very important for predators to have a good vision at night or in less brightness.

During the evolution of thousands of years, they have evolved their eyes for hunting at night. Cat’s eyes have a high concentration of cells responsible for night vision.

This is the reason why cats can see much better at less brightness than humans.

Some more interesting facts about Cats behavior

Facts about cats behavior

Cats want a daily playtime. They like to play with toys that are fast and unpredictable like mice and birds.

They fulfill their predator instincts by playing with toys. Cats like watching birds. They can spend hours watching birds.

Cats like to stay in enclosed places like a box. It is because enclosed space gives them a sense of protection from all directions.

These are some of the interesting facts of Cats that one should know for better bonding between our cute pets and us.

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